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Green business zone Beltinci

Discover sustainable success in the Green Business Zone Beltinci, where innovation and eco-friendly entrepreneurship thrive.

Green Business Zone Beltinci, located in the heart of Slovenia, is a forward-thinking and innovative industrial park that aims to lead the charge in sustainable and environmentally responsible entrepreneurship. This strategically placed eco-friendly business zone provides a multitude of advantages to businesses and investors looking to establish themselves in the region, including a skilled workforce, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and a supportive local government.

"Slovenia lives to the promise of being an excellent location with its well-developed transport infrastructure that enables fast access to other European markets. As traffic jams are an exception, Sunday trips to the places of interest or a ride to the coast do not take long on the road." - Johannes Hoedlmayr, CEO of Hödlmayr International AG

The geostrategic location of Green Business Zone Beltinci is one of its most significant assets. Nestled alongside a major highway and an industrial railway track, it provides easy access to transportation routes for businesses operating within the zone. This connectivity ensures seamless logistics and supply chain management, as well as the efficient transportation of goods and services to both local and international markets. Highlighted in blue, the adjacent major highway stretches alongside the Green Business Zone Beltinci, while the industrious railway track, highlighted in orange, completes the connectivity of this eco-friendly hub.

The adjecent major highway and the industrial railway track.

The region boasts a skilled workforce, with a strong emphasis on vocational training and education. The nearby urban city center is home to a Vocational College, which offers a variety of courses and programs to train and develop the next generation of skilled workers. This ensures a continuous supply of talent, enabling businesses to grow and thrive within the Green Business Zone.

One of the key elements of the Green Business Zone Beltinci is its proximity to the urban city center. This close-knit relationship between the zone and the city ensures that businesses can access essential services, facilities, and amenities, creating a thriving and sustainable working environment for all.

The Green Business Zone Beltinci is operated under private ownership, ensuring that the focus remains on sustainable and environmentally responsible business practices. With the full support of the local municipality, businesses can be assured that their investment in the zone will be met with a commitment to sustainability and growth. Highlighted in orange on the image below, you'll find the thriving complexes that currently call the Green Business Zone Beltinci their eco-conscious home.

Thriving complexes in Green Business Zone Beltinci

Where sustainability meets success

Green Business Zone Beltinci has 35,742 m2 of vacant land, with the possibility of further expansion by an additional 12,081 m2. The plots or vacant land are mostly rectangular in shape, which facilitates the use of space. The overall terrain is flat and without level differences, which helps to streamline construction and infrastructure arrangements.

A transformer substation with a connection capacity of 1,300 kW is located in the business zone, ensuring a reliable supply of electricity. The capacity of the connection to the sewerage and water supply network is 500 population units (PE), with the possibility of increasing this to a maximum of 1,500 PE. All plots are communally serviced, with individual connections for each.

In addition, there is a connection to the gas network, which offers an additional energy supply option. The plots currently available are wholly owned by the Municipality of Beltinci, while the plots representing expansion potential are owned by private individuals.

The prices of the municipally owned land currently range between 10 and 14 euros per square meter, offering a competitive and attractive investment for companies wishing to join this green business zone.

A quick summary

  • Geostrategic location
  • Near the urban city center
  • Full support from the municipality
  • Private ownership
  • Expert team to aid in administrative tasks
  • All communal infrastructure

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Prime real estate

Get a feel for the strategic location and thriving community that define Beltinci's commitment to environmental responsibility and success.

Green business zone Beltinci, map

NOTE: For clarity, the lines of different zones may be may be offset according to the course of the parcel boundaries. The boundaries between the different zones are parcel boundaries.


Marker Description
Area of the existing EPC - PIC Beltinci (after current zoning plan)
Area of the updated draft - Amendments and amendments to the location plan for PIC Beltinci
Further potential for EPC expansion - PIC Beltinci (rolling zoning plan and updated draft zoning plan)
New EPC - PIC Beltinci - occupancy no later than 3 years after completion of the project (according to the zoning plan in force)
Existing occupied usable floorspace EPC
Newly equipped EPC usable areas
Newly equipped EPC rooms

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